The Edge of Never – The Joy Trip Project

The Edge of Never – The Joy Trip Project


An adventure film premieres in Madison on Wednesday. In a spate of one-night adrenaline injections following the Lance Armstrong pic Race Across the Sky and Warren Miller’s Dynasty, The Edge of Never plays at the Sundance Theater, 7PM $20.EONMoviePoster
Set against the backdrop of Chamonix, France, this documentary tells the story of extreme skier Trevor Petersen. A hero of many true-life action films of the 80s and 90s, Trevor’s career was cut tragically short during a fatal avalanche in a region known as “the death sport capital of the world.”
But the focus of the movie center’s on Petersen’s son Kye, 15, who trains with a number of skiing’s greatest athletes to take on the mountain that claimed his father’s life. Based on the book of the same title The Edge of Never explores the legacy of adventure passed down from one generation to the next. And asks the question of those who lost loved ones and aim to follow in their footsteps, “Is it worth it?”
Wisconsin’s apparent lack of altitude not withstanding this film will attract local avid and aspiring skiers alike. With 3 excellent downhill ski areas less than 40 minutes from the Capital Square, Madison offers a great deal for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy. When put into a broader context our smaller scale skiing nearby is where big dreams of world-class adventure begin, where we first start to push the envelope risking life and limb for the sake of the rush. Is it worth it?
Though its runs are short and notoriously icy, the Midwest is a breeding ground for skiers and snowboarders who go on to tackle the most challenging slops in the world, including Chamonix. It’s been said that if you can ski in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan, you can ski anywhere. So don’t think just because you ski in the shadow of corn silos extreme skiing isn’t for you. The edge of never might be in your future.

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