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Adventure Film, Adventure Media Review, Climbing, Film Festival, Life Out Loud, Slideshow / 07.10.2013

Traveling from Madison to Boulder, Colorado my flight was delayed by almost 8 hours. I arrived in Denver two hours after the party started. Adventure athlete and women’s empowerment activist Shannon Galpin was celebrating her birthday at the Bitter Bar. With everyone in town for the Adventure Film Festival dozens of people would be there that I hadn’t seen in too long. Despite my best efforts to lead what might be described as a normal life I keep getting drawn back to all these creative and exciting people...

Adventure Film, Adventure Media Review, Film Festival, Interview, Mountain Film, mountainfilm / 24.05.2013

This time of year there is typically no place I would rather be than Telluride, Colorado. The MountainFilm festival now in progress will go on with me for the first time in 5 years. As much as I would love to be there to connect with old friends and watch some incredible movies I'm less than two weeks away from going on location to produce a book and film project of my own! I suppose it's good to step back and reflect on what I hope to bring...

Adventure Film, Adventure Media Review, Film Festival / 10.10.2012

Like most meetings of our tribe the 9th annual Adventure Film Festival in Boulder had the feel of a family reunion. And in many ways that truly matter that's exactly what it was. When the late Jonny Copp started this gathering of outdoor artists and athletes so many years ago he established a place in time when kindred spirits rallied in celebration of their shared culture in adventure, to applaud their accomplishments of the recent past, make bold plans for the future and sadly honor the dead. Now directed by Copp's sister Aimee, Adventure Film continues to be far more than a collection of mountain inspired movies. An intimate moment over a long weekend the festival is a meeting place for a community whose bonds beyond blood forge friendships and collaborations to explore the literal heights of human endeavor, illustrated with camera and canvas. It's that sense of community which is Adventure Film's greatest strength. At a time when many of the features included in the program can be easily viewed over the Internet for free the price of admission provides those who attend a seat at the table where the festival not only serves up great content but company. Together among the best adventure filmmakers and explorers of our time aspiring creatives can mingle with and learn from real people like themselves who defied the odds of failure to achieve success. The festival began with a exhibition of flavor for each of the five perceptions of art. Senses of Adventure curated by Devaki Murch at the Prana store put on display an expression of beauty for the ear, eyes, nose, tongue and fingertips. Featured artists included professional climbers Renan Ozturk, Jeremy Collins and Katie Rutherford. Their paintings depicted landscapes and mountain summits of their travels. Throughout the weekend other programs like the Outside Adventure Film School brought to the festival a range of talented filmmakers to share their experiences and offer guidance. Filmmaking veterans including Michael Brown and Tyler Young provided invaluable advice alongside relative newcomers like Alexandria Bombach, people who's award winning films are setting a high standard for the latest in adventure media. In attendance as a student was the Oscar-winning producer of "The Hurt Locker" Tony Mark. The movies presented at the festival over two days of screening included 44 of the best adventure films of 2012. Across a broad range of topics from people with disabilities to the plight of oppressed women in the Middle East filmmakers brought back stories from all over the globe. Unlike the adrenaline driven movies of the not so distant past contributions to Adventure Film have incredibly compelling narratives, strong characters and excellent cinematography. Gone are the days of ski porn with gratuitous orgies of snow, altitude and speed. What remains is the true essence of adventure as art form, as depicted in the lives of those who follow their dreams.
5Point, Adventure Media Review, Film Festival, Interview, Mountain Film / 12.04.2012

photo by Ben Knight The 5Point Film Festival has a new executive director. Justin Clifton spent six years on staff with the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride . Last summer he come over to the Roaring Fork Valley where he’s plying his expertise and vision to guide an exceptional adventure media event in Carbondale, Colorado. In advance of this four-day mountain movie menagerie, set to start on April 26th, Clifton shared a few thoughts on his new role and what we can look forward to on the cinema...

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  Making the growing season grow longer, that’s the idea for Daphne Yannakakis, an organic farmer in western Colorado. Along with husband Don Lareau on Zephyros Farm, they’re growing vegetables in wintertime as part of a study by Colorado State University. The vegetables grow under the protection of unheated green houses called high tunnels, which hold in heat stored by the Earth at night and capture solar heat during the day. They also provide protection from the wind. These farmers plant a variety of cold hardy vegetables at monthly intervals and record weather data electronically with custom software. The data is collected from five farms across Colorado and will be compiled and made available to other small-scale farmers. Funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and called the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program or SARE, the study is intended to help small-scale farmers in the Rocky Mountains remain productive and profitable through much of the winter by utilizing high tunnels. Even when outside temperatures reach sub-zero extremes these simple structures allow vegetables to survive harsh winter conditions and enable farmers to grow more.