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Adventure Activism, Adventure Media Review, Film preview, Life Out Loud / 03.09.2013

Andrew Lenz together with other Brazilian climbers work to introduce youth from the largest Favela in Rio to rock climbing. Rocinha is home to towering rock monoliths that have until now walled the community in. They are now a resource, a way in which the youth can in every way expand their horizons. This short film is the latest production in the Beyond Gear series by Encompass Films   Centro de Escalada Urbana (CEU) from Dominic Gill on Vimeo. The Joy Trip Project is made possible thanks to the generous support of...

Adventure Activism, Commentary, Cool on Kickstarter, Diversity, Expedition Denali, Magazines, National Geographic / 10.05.2013

I've been told it shouldn't matter. But as one in a handful of black professionals in the outdoor recreation industry I can't help being wildly excited. In June the first team of African-American climbers will attempt to reach the summit of Alaska's Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America. Also known as Denali at 20,328 feet this mountain is literally the highest physical point anyone can achieve in the United States. And as metaphors go it is the ultimate realization of the dream Martin Luther King Jr....

Climbing, Special Events / 16.05.2010

May 14, 2010 Fayetteville, West Virginia The minute you cross the Ohio River into West Virginia everything seems to change. There’s an immediate influx of lush green as the topography begins to roll through the mountain state. Raised in California I was lead to believe that the only mountains worth a 700-mile drive span ranges well west of the Mississippi. With a dramatic landscape unfolding before my eyes with each passing mile I’ve since changed my mind. [caption id="attachment_3219" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The New River Bridge"][/caption] Down the highway a bit further on you come across another bridge and enter into a world all its own. The New River Gorge is this little known wonder spot south of the Mason-Dixon. Here our tribe of climbers, local and national, has gathered to celebrate the spring season and our active lifestyle. The New River Rendezvous is an adventure festival held each year in Fayetteville. Registration closed a few days ago having reached capacity at 800 attendees.