Support the Joy Trip Project

You make the Joy Trip Project possible.

You make the Joy Trip Project possible.

Thousands of fans, readers and listeners are signing in from all over the world to share their stories of fun and adventure. The JTP is now a global community and it’s my privilege as a freelance journalist to bring you news and information on the business art and culture of the active lifestyle.


Share Your Stories

Over the years many of you have written in to ask how to support the Joy Trip Project. As simple as it might sound the best way to become involved is to participate in the conversation. By sharing your stories and experiences you keep me loaded to capacity with subjects to write about that are current and relevant. So I really couldn’t ask for anything more. Please keep them coming!


Share My Stories

You can also support the JTP by sharing my stories with your friends. Clicking ‘like’ or ‘recommend’ on the blog or the Facebook page goes a long way toward growing my audience and introducing the Project to more people. Sharing your thoughts and opinions in the comments section is also incredibly valuable and helps to bring more depth to each discussion. Find me on Facebook at: or on Twitter at:


Support My Subjects

The open dialog I aim to encourage on the JTP is useful as well to the subjects, events and organizations I cover. I write about a lot of individuals, non-profit groups and social causes that are working to make our world a better place. You can support the JTP by supporting them. Get in touch and learn. Sign a petition. And where appropriate donate money to move their efforts forward.


Support My Sponsors

In a more practical sense several businesses and service organizations have become sponsors of the Joy Trip Project. It’s important to understand that this is a non-commercial enterprise. I don’t have advertisers. Sponsors of the JTP share my interests in promoting stories that demonstrate the value and passion of leading a socially engaged active lifestyle. And as a rule I share their ethos of corporate responsibility in the creation of products and services that are produced with minimal environmental impact, provide safe working conditions and fair wages to their employees and promote the health and well-being of their customers. You can support the Joy Trip Project by supporting my sponsors.


Become a Sponsor

In exchange for their financial support sponsors of the Joy Trip Project receive only an underwriting acknowledgment. With a company logo placement and a link to their web site JTP sponsors receive the benefit of recognition for making possible content that reflects their company’s culture and values. You’ll never see nor hear on the JTP a commercial product endorsement. And no story or any content found here will ever be directly influenced by a sponsor or a private interest group. But with the common vision of promoting outdoor recreation, environmental conservation, acts of charitable giving and practices of sustainable living JTP sponsors share in the spirit of like-minded individuals who might enjoy their products or services. Learn more about becoming a Joy Trip Project Sponsor by writing to


Go Be Joyful!

My goal at the Joy Trip Project is to inspire and encourage my audience to find happiness and adventure in every aspect of their lives. By sharing the stories of those who inspire and encourage me I hope my readers and listeners to the podcast can discover the motivation they need to joyfully go into the world to seek out and overcome life’s challenges. You’ve got my support. And in the ways I’ve outlined here I know that I can count on your support as well. ~ JEM

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