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After the blistering heat of a long summer day, the cool water of Jordanelle Reservoir offered tremendous relief and an excellent day of paddling at the Open Air Demo during the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. In anticipation of four days indoors doing business at the convention center in Salt Lake City, the organizers put together this annual event to offer action shop owners and buyers the chance to play outside and try the latest in recreation equipment. Just outside of Park City, Utah incredible weather and an...

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Explorer Rich Rudow enjoys a view of the Grand Canyon few human beings have ever seen. While visitors to the national park typically see this natural wonder from the top down he and his team of canyoneers offer a rare vantage point from deep within. As they make their way through a menagerie of slots and passageways the team treats moviegoers to a rare glimpse of ancient beauty in the adventure film directed by Dan Ransom called The Last of the Great Unknown. Both documentary and action film this...

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Back home after a short reporting joy trip to Minneapolis I settled into a light breakfast before heading to the gym. Homemade wheat toast with olive oil, an orange and green tea. Not necessarily but an incidentally vegan makes for a lighter healthier alternative to yesterday's protein heavy option. What are your suggestions for a light but satisfying no-meat breakfast?...

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Adventure filmmakers Allison Otto and Carole Snow recently returned from a reporting trip to Nepal. Working on a feature  set to premiere in fall 2012 the two filmed and interviewed one of the most important chroniclers of Himalayan climbing expeditions in the world. Miss Elizabeth Hawley is the subject a documentary called Keeper of The Mountains. Now in production this bio-pic aims to tell the story of one woman who has recorded  accounts of alpine adventure in Central Asia since the 1960s.
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Jennifer Jones Austin is a complete stranger to me. But in the coming months you’re going to hear me talk a great deal about people just like her. At the age of 41 this mother of two is suffering from leukemia. Though with this serious form of cancer Jennifer’s prospects for survival will increase dramatically if she receives a bone marrow transplant. But first she needs a donor. A successful transplant requires a very specific tissue match. The most likely donor candidate will be a person who shares her genetic ancestry. Unfortunately, African-Americans represent only 2 percent of the pool of registered donors in the United States. The chances of Jennifer finding a match are quite low.