Adventure Media Review, Bikes, Cycling, Film Review, Outdoor Recreation, Travel / 04.06.2012

A new cycling film currently on tour is an excellent example of how NOT to make an adventure movie. Reveal the Path is the latest in a long string of travel pics that despite its title and several statements to the contrary assumes the destination is more important than journey. With a presumably large budget for an international bicycle excursion bankrolled by Salsa Cycles this potentially awesome film should have offered viewers more than a 1-hour 11-minute vacation reel. Pedaling through some of the most exotic bike-packing destinations in...

5Point to MountainFilm Tour, Adventure Media Review, App Review, Film Festival, Travel / 24.04.2012

Marion, Iowa I just pulled over for a food break and an email check. Google maps tells me I'm 155 miles into the first leg of this westward road trip to the 5Point Film Festival and beyond. Culver's restaurants are a good alternative to your typical fast food, just as much fat, maybe more, but everything is fresh. The "Butter Burger" will do you in and if like frozen custard this is definitely the place. Free Wi-Fi makes this a good hot spot for wireless. I'm trying out the Road...

Food, Travel / 05.01.2012

This is perhaps as much an exercise in field reporting as it is a exploration of a healthy lifestyle. This is my first blog post I've ever drafted start to finish directly from my iPad. Transfering the photograph and formatting the text is challenging on this screen keyboard. But it's doable. I'm traveling this week on assignment for Paddle Sports Business Magazine. Here in Minneapolis, MN I'm looking into one of the most classic gear shops in the country called Midwest Mountaineering. After spending yesterday visiting with shop employees...

Bikes, Breaking News, Cycling, Travel, Video / 25.01.2011

Photojournalists Morrigan McCarthy and Alan Winslow are heading out on another great cycling adventure. On the heels of their 11,000-mile bike around America called Project Tandem, the two once again are riding and recording the ideas of the many people they meet along the way. Last time they collected the thoughts of average citizens in the United States on the issue of climate change. And this summer they’re going abroad to connect with young adults to get their view on life in our times. “We're leaving in July from Fairbanks, Alaska and cycling 30,000 miles around the world through more than 50 countries to document through photographs what life is like for twenty-somethings,” McCarthy wrote in an email. “We'll share the photographs and stories from the road through digital postcards on The Geography of Youth website.” Together known as the Restless Collective McCarthy and Winslow use still photography and audio recordings to tell the contemporary story of life on earth. By gathering the impressions of  young people this time they aim to paint a portrait from the perspective of  those who will shape the future. Making their way slowly across the land on bicycles they offer an intimate view of the world through the lives of ordinary people, each with a unique point of view.
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Salt Lake City, Utah 6:AM MST The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market ended yesterday, but the journey continues. And in some ways, perhaps it’s finally just getting started.

I'm hitting the road today making my way back across the plains and prairies to Wisconsin. I'm pretty psyched to get moving on several new projects that gained some serious traction over the last few days. So it's good to be heading home. But this morning I woke up to an exciting email that announced the post of a new video from my friend adventure filmmaker Dominic Gill. (Give a listen to my podcast interview with him recorded last year at the Banff Mountain Film Festival>> Take A Seat). He's making his way cross Wyoming and South Dakota on a tandem hybrid up-right recumbent bicycle on course for an incredible experience.  In his first documentary feature Take A Seat, Dom road a tandem bicycle from Alaska to Argentina. For two years on his 22,000-mile trek across two continents he invited total strangers to ride along on the back seat of his bicycle built for two. And as I write this he’s currently cycling across the United States traveling from California to New York on a similar expedition, but this time all of his riding partners are exclusively people with a disability.
Travel, Yoga / 31.07.2010

Everyone asks me why I’d rather drive than fly. The journey from Madison to Salt City is a three-day Joy Trip of almost 1,500 miles along flat featureless highway. At 6:00 AM in Lincoln, Nebraska the sunrise on this foggy second day of travel is infinitely less interesting than the Day Inns marquee. The breakfast promise of DYI waffles and bad Maxwell House with a side order spotty wireless service reflects the pale morning light as dawn cracks over the prairie. It’s another glorious day.