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For most of his life wildlife photographer Florian Schulz has fought to protect the diversity of animals species around the world. Working in the most remote region of the planet he’s tracked and documented the wild birds of Mexico, big game animals of the African continent as well as the migratory patterns of caribou in the Alaskan Arctic. And it’s in this frozen region known for its vast featureless landscapes where Florian has followed and photographed the great Polar Bears of the northern hemisphere. Florian: It’s really a land of...

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  For companies in the Outdoor Industry day-to-day operations that protect and preserve the environment naturally make good sense. So-called green business practices are meant to be sustainable, using a minimum amount energy and mostly renewable resources to create the products and services that drive our economy. And for Andrew Winston it’s become abundantly clear that despite any political and social ideology that espouses the virtues of capitalism above all else green technology in commercial manufacturing and production is the best way to for businesses of every variety to assure...

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All I can say is wow! After 5 solid days of complete immersion into the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market I can finally come up for air and decompress my mind and body from the biggest most successful adventure snow sports tradeshow ever! With the alarm going off and 5:30 AM each morning and daily events keeping me up until after midnight I pretty much burned the candle at both ends. Unfortunately I’d neglected the Joy Trip Project blog in favor of Facebook and Twitter posts for the sake...

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It's finally snowing like it should in Madison, Wisconsin. Waiting to board a Frontier flight to Denver I'm told we're still cleared to take off. So I'm on my way to Salt Lake City bound for the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market That’s saying a lot because 2012 marks 20 years for me attending this biannual gathering of all things adventure. I quite literally own items of technical clothing that’s older than some of the top athletes on the snow scene today. But I’m thrilled for the opportunity twice each...

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I believe that business can be an active force for good. And as I’m gearing up for the 2011 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market I’m excited about several emerging initiatives that blend commerce and philanthropy to achieve positive social change. By adding benevolent acts of good to their bottom line companies large and small can effectively contribute to the preservation of wilderness and the betterment of human lives.

            A grand ideal to be sure but since 2004 a marketing firm from my home base in Madison Wisconsin has contributed more $1.8 million in goods and services to support the work of over 100 non-profits. Knupp, Watson and Wallman (KW2) created a unique promotion vehicle to quickly build high quality advertising materials to help these charitable organizations tell their stories. Called Goodstock the annual event conjures up frantic storm of enthusiasm that is inspiring to behold. And I’m thrilled to announce that in 2012 the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market will host Goodstock as a four-day marketing experience live on the show floor.
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[caption id="attachment_4544" align="alignleft" width="311"] alisongannett.com[/caption] There are plenty of people out there talking about climate change. But how many are actually doing something about it. Even those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors can be guilty of contributing to the destruction of the natural environment we love. We fly in jets from place to place for the sake of adventure. And many of us are still driving low gas mileage carbon emitting SUVs. Our active lifestyles can put a really hurting on the planet. So that’s why we can all  take a few lessons from professional skier and environmental advocate Alison Gannett.