Camping, Environmental Journalism, Film Review, Kids in Nature, Outdoor Recreation / 18.03.2011

“The landscape of childhood has changed.” From the opening frames of Play Again, directed by Tonje Hessen Schei, the documentary makes it clear that the world we knew as children is fundamentally different than it is today. With a proliferation of technology that captivates both the time and attention of young people, a generation of humanity is emerging out of touch with the natural world. And as teenagers spend more and more time playing video games and surfing the web indoors the producers of this feature-length movie warn that as they grow to become adults they may be deprived of the very experiences that make us human.
Camping,, Outdoor Recreation / 08.09.2009

Camping is always a welcome alternative to a hotel room. Aside from being significantly less expensive, there’s something truly rewarding about the freedom you enjoy when exposed over night to the wonders of nature. It’s perhaps the departure from the routine of daily life that makes camping a favorite pastime for so many. Around the Madison area, throughout Dane County and across the state of Wisconsin there are dozens of campgrounds for residents and visitors to enjoy. David Giroux works for the University of Wisconsin System. This summer he took...