Screen like it’s meant to be seen

Adventure filmmakers everywhere rejoice! I finally invested in a flat screen television. Be assured. Now when I get those DVD advance copies or streaming video online access codes I’ll have a decent screening facility to comfortably watch and evaluate the latest movies inspired by adventure or environmental activism. And since the price of a good […]

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Incidentally vegan alternative

Back home after a short reporting joy trip to Minneapolis I settled into a light breakfast before heading to the gym. Homemade wheat toast with olive oil, an orange and green tea. Not necessarily but an incidentally vegan makes for a lighter healthier alternative to yesterday’s protein heavy option. What are your suggestions for a […]

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Vegan Resistance

This is perhaps as much an exercise in field reporting as it is a exploration of a healthy lifestyle. This is my first blog post I’ve ever drafted start to finish directly from my iPad. Transfering the photograph and formatting the text is challenging on this screen keyboard. But it’s doable. I’m traveling this week […]

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