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Cool on Kickstarter: Coming To My Senses

The world of adventure is too often defined by the exceptional accomplishments of extraordinary people. Exploits on high mountains or epic ocean excursions mark the gold standard of compelling action narratives. But after decades now of first ascents and record-breaking conquests little remains to inspire the audience toward higher expressions of the human experience. Even […]

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Cold Love ~ a documentary details a white hot passion for polar exploration

It’s hard to imagine a more hostile environment than the Arctic. A block of ice at the top of globe the North Pole is hundreds of miles from the nearest landmass. Through winter it regularly posts temperatures 35 degrees below zero. And constantly shifting ocean currents makes it impossible to build a permanent structure for […]

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Cool on Kickstarter: Lynsey Dyer’s “Pretty Faces”

Girls ski too, you know. But when it comes to action sports movies, that fact isn’t always made clear. Big-mountain pro skier Lynsey Dyer aims to change that by making a film of her own. With the ambitious goal of inspiring more women to take on steep alpine terrain, she’s putting together an all-star team […]

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Cool on Kickstarter: The National Park Experience

  Independent filmmakers Amy Marquis and Dana Romanoff have a story to tell. And even though many of us might think that we’ve heard it before, it’s time to think again. In 2016 the world will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the National Park Service. And in the hopes of continuing the […]

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Cool on Kickstart: The Lost Mountain Film Project

Professional climbers Majka Burhardt and Kate Rutherford are pulling together a cadre of scientists and filmmakers to help preserve the environment around a high mountain in Africa. Mount Namuli is the second highest summit in Mozambique. With a 2000-foot cliff face it’s a natural destination for these two adventuring women. But add to their mission […]

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Cool on Kickstarter: Henrietta Bulkowski

Through our imagination each of us is blessed with the gift of flight. In our mind’s eye we can see far past the limitations our physical surroundings, even our bodies to look forward into a bright future full of exciting adventures. In a new short film, Henrietta Bulkowski by Lift Animation, the boundaries of fantasy […]

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Expedition Denali: 50 Years Unforgotten

One year after Jim Whittaker and his team became the first Americans to summit Mount Everest another historic climb was achieved in Alaska. In 1964 along with 14 other climbers Charles Crenchaw became the first African-American to reach the top of Mount McKinley, also known as Denali. Achieving a height of 20,328 feet above sea […]

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Backyard brings fracking close to home

Until we’re directly affected by a global crisis seldom are we prompted to take action and make a change. Though the environment is suffering the devastating impact of humanity’s rush to extract the Earth’s remaining non-renewable energy supply most of us are willing to allow the pollution to continue. That is until it strikes us […]

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