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Grand Canyon Vision

Through much of the summer of 2016 The Joy Trip Project has been on the road collecting stories to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our National Parks. In the hopes of raising awareness for the importance of protecting our public lands for future generations the Project is presenting a series of short videos and podcasts […]

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Kevin Fedarko on the Emerald Mile

In 1983 a record snow yield in the Rocky Mountains created the highest volume of meltwater ever to surge through the Colorado River. The massive buildup of hydraulic pressure threatened to overcome the 710-foot barrier of the Glen Canyon Dam and sent a devastating current of destruction at incredibly high speeds through the mile-deep gorge […]

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Of Souls + Water: The Elder

Longevity like youth is wasted on the young. But the staying power of our seniors gives hope to those of us who aim to remain active long into the twilight of our final days. In the latest edition of the film series Of Souls + Water director Skip Armstrong offers up a compelling vision of […]

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