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When all is right with the world

The presence of cows only made the experience more surreal. But I suppose one should expect nothing less while fishing along the banks of a Wisconsin trout stream. On the last day of the season in 2015 my friend and guide Craig Amacker deftly cast his line over a narrow bend of the Blue River. It […]

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State of Flow

Joy in the state of flow

The strike took me by surprise. As the fish tugged on the line beneath the brackish water I was slow at first to set the hook and draw my quarry from the lake into the warm evening air. Its green/yellow scales flashed in the low angle light of the setting sun as I gently removed […]

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Outdoor Retailer: Fly Fishing

“Many (people) go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish that they are after.” Henry David Thoreau ~ (1817 – 1862) Craig Amacker releases almost every catch. It’s not fish he’s after, but the experience of a day on the water, tiny moments of time when he’s directly connected to […]

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Tenkara: Fly Fishing Made Simple

I haven’t cast a fly rod in several years.  Back then I didn’t have much luck. That is to say I had plenty, all bad. Casting lines with my friend and master fisherman Craig Amacker on the Wisconsin River I spent more time untangling my hooks from low hanging branches than actually tempting trout. With all […]

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Conservation – Consciousness Runs Deep fly fishing inspired hip hop poetry

The poetic grace of fly fishing matches pace with the rhymes and rhythms of hip-hop in a short film by Soul River entrepreneur Chad Brown. Released back in June this beautiful depiction of urban culture transposed over the backdrop of the natural world creates a bridge between the concrete streets and the free flowing streams […]

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Where the Yellowstone Goes

The preservation of our nation’s waterways is an issue of growing urgency. But as it is with most natural resources we take for granted few people will ever fight to protect something they do not know. Where the Yellowstone Goes, a new film by Hunter Weeks, is an intimate introduction to an ancient river that […]

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