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Move ~ a film that inspires freedom in motion

As daytime temperatures creep slowly up above zero it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by a single notion. We still have at least six weeks of winter ahead of us. Frigid cold weather has made it difficult to get outside and even the most active among us have to dig deep to well up enough […]

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First Light ~Adventure in all things

Fitz Cahall and the creative souls at his production company Duct Tape Then Beer delivered a much welcomed Christmas card. Two weeks before the holiday climbers and other adventure media fans got a surprise film trailer so rich with joy and excitement it’s hard not to feel thankful for the opportunities we all have to […]

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35 an inspiring short by Fitz Cahall

Few films successfully convey the true spirit of the ecstatic existence. A new short by Fitz Cahall reveals much of the mystery behind the idea that at the heart of a life well lived is joy and the serious work of play. Called simply 35 the movie depicts the birthday challenge of climber Derek Craig. […]

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