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Rising From Ashes ~ Cycling and Reconciliation in Rwanda

I had the pleasure of meeting director T.C. Johnstone back in October at the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder Colorado. He was among several speakers who presented the details of their most recent projects that focus on using athletics and international travel as vehicles for social change. Squarely in line with several of the Joy […]

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Reveal the Path

A new cycling film currently on tour is an excellent example of how NOT to make an adventure movie. Reveal the Path is the latest in a long string of travel pics that despite its title and several statements to the contrary assumes the destination is more important than journey. With a presumably large budget […]

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Thanks for a great ride

So far our Bike For Boys & Girls Club team has raised $1,375. With a more than a month of fundraising still to go we’re well on track to reach our goal of $3,500. On Saturday July 18th 14 of my cycling friends and I road our bikes 50 miles around the Madison area to […]

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Great Dane Rides

The attention of the cycling world is clearly focused this week on the Tour De France. As Lance Armstrong makes an amazing play for his 8th win after three years in retirement, just about everyone who pulls out their bike these days wonders how they might stack up against the grueling pace over 3,500 kilometers […]

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