#ORShow, #ORSummer, Life Out Loud, Outdoor Retailer, Stand Up Paddling, Summer, Yoga / 01.08.2013

The energy was super high and business was brisk at the opening of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. From the Outdoor Industry Association breakfast meeting straight through the industry street party there was plenty of fun and excitement! Here are a few photographs to see what you might have missed. [fsg_gallery id="13"]   The Joy Trip Project is made possible thanks to the generous support of MAKO Surgical Corp. Ask your doctor if you're a candidate for MAKOPlasty....

Healthy Living, Madison, Yoga / 01.02.2012

Not far from Downtown Madison in the adjoining town of Fitchburg a new community of mindful movement has made its home. Perennial Yoga & Meditation opened to welcome practitioners this week to grow through the power of inner peace. “Once you connect with your own inner peace I want people to take that out in the world with them, into their relationships, into their work lives and into their communities,” said founder Meg Schleis Groves. “When you’re in your own happy peaceful place you’re so much better at connecting...

Art, Commentary, Video, Yoga / 08.01.2012

A new yoga video posted on YouTube inspires tens of thousands to pursue the practice. But it seems that many others find it sexually provocative, disrespectful of the female form and an affront to the principles of mindful movement. Personally I was more than a little shocked to discover that the 3 minute 29 second film produced by Equinox health clubs featuring Briohny Smyth could be construed as anything short of amazing. It just goes to show that when it comes to any exploration of the human condition...

Adventure Media Review,, Madison, Outdoor Recreation, Stand Up Paddling, Yoga / 07.07.2011

Though vastly different practices Stand Up Paddling and Yoga have a lot in common. Both with an emphasis on balance and core strength the two disciplines encourage good posture and a calm mind. When combined they offer practitioners an expression of movement that is fluid and powerful lending benefits to each that make SUP and Yoga easier and infinitely more fun. In Madison a new class in SUP/Yoga is taking hold on the Near West Side just off Monroe Street. The calm and peaceful water on Lake Wingra is perfect for Stand Up Paddling. With powerboat traffic restricted to trolling motors it’s so quiet you can hear bird sounds and the rustling of leaves in the trees on shore. And on clear mornings with few waves or even ripples an SUP board is an excellent platform upon which to practice Yoga.
Travel, Yoga / 31.07.2010

Everyone asks me why I’d rather drive than fly. The journey from Madison to Salt City is a three-day Joy Trip of almost 1,500 miles along flat featureless highway. At 6:00 AM in Lincoln, Nebraska the sunrise on this foggy second day of travel is infinitely less interesting than the Day Inns marquee. The breakfast promise of DYI waffles and bad Maxwell House with a side order spotty wireless service reflects the pale morning light as dawn cracks over the prairie. It’s another glorious day.