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The People’s Tree Project: Day 1

  I never thought it would come to this. After years of railing on and on about the early arrival of the holiday season I suddenly find myself utterly and completely complicit in its delivery! Even though we have yet to celebrate Halloween today I am excited for the prospects of seeking out an evergreen […]

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Closing The Adventure Gap

As summer draws to a close across North America I have noticed something most profound. After more than 20 years as a professional in the outdoor recreation industry I’ve begun to see more people of color than ever before venturing out into the natural world. This is of course an anecdotal observation base not in […]

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Outdoor Retailer Social Media Master of Ceremonies

You gotta love it when “have fun” is written into your job description. Once again the Joy Trip Project has been tapped to manage the social media streams coming out of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. After 22 years of attending the largest backcountry recreation trade show in the world it’s kind of nice to […]

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National Park Saving Snapshots

The National Park Conservation Association wants to impress upon members of Congress the enduring value of America’s federally preserved wild and scenic places. As part of a board campaign to end cuts in government spending meant to protect and maintain our national parks the NPCA wants ordinary citizens across the country to share their favorite […]

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Now powered in part by Rayovac

Everyone needs a burst of energy. But who would have thought it would take the form of an actual battery! Today I’m very pleased to announce that Rayovac has signed on as a major sponsor of the Joy Trip Project. Starting next week reporting on the business art and culture of the sustainable active lifestyle […]

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The Point of Pinterest

Every spring there’s an amazing display outside our bedroom window. As the weather gets warm after winter the magnolia tree our neighbors share explodes with bright pink blossoms. Hundreds of flowers the size of teacups cast a spectacular array of light and color that is precious to behold, because within a week or more each […]

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