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Ryan & Jon ~ Tales from the Adventure Gap

Conrad Anker’s team of athletes enjoyed a leisurely week of rest in Advanced Base Camp, at just over 14,200 feet above sea level. Along with many other climbers on the mountain at the time they were also waiting for an appropriate window of opportunity to open so that they could make the final ascent to […]

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The Crash Reel ~ Rethinking the impact of action sports

Even if you’re not one to follow the hard tumble sport of snowboarding a new film will you put into perspective both the triumph and tragedy weighed in the balance of adventure sports. The HBO documentary The Crash Reel follows the real life rise and catastrophic fall of aspiring Olympic board rider Kevin Pierce. But […]

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Into the Mind ~Behind the scenes

Adventure film maker Renan Ozturk and his crew at Camp 4 Collective have put together another incredible collaboration to deliver a thrilling new ski film. Into the Mind from Sherpa Cinemas offers up a dramatic tale of backcountry alpine passion as shared through the art of movie making. The producers of this amazing epic posted online […]

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Mission Antarctic ~ a snowboarding adventure unlike any other

In the modern era of adventure sports and exploration it should be no surprise that one of the world’s leading freeride snowboarders would seek out the most extreme alpine lines on the planet. In 2012, when champion slope shredder Xavier De Le Rue set his sights on the continent of Antarctica, he was looking for […]

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Banff Mountain Film Festival Celebrates the Spirit of Adventure, Once Again

The 2013 adventure film festival season came to a grand finale the Banff Mountain Book & Film Festival in Alberta, Canada. The producers of the many great works of literature and cinema created took center stage to receive awards for their tremendous accomplishments. There in the spotlight before the thunderous applause of a grateful audience the […]

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New Pic Peek: The Denali Experiment

Sometimes aspiring athletes need a little guidance from experienced veterans to reach their highest potential. World-class climber Conrad Anker took a small team to lead newbie mountaineers to the summit of Denali and show them the finer points of performance at altitude. Used to shredding snow at lower elevations often dropped from helicopters champion snowboarder […]

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The new film by Nick Waggoner and Sweetgrass Productions is nothing short of stunning. Not since his groundbreaking ski movie Signatures have snow sports been so profoundly elevated from mere adventure to art. Exquisite and sublime Solitaire takes expedition filmmaking to a new level combining music and athleticism to create a dance of speed, strength […]

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Adventure Media Review: Fringe Elements Episode 1

In the premiere edition of their new National Geographic Adventure mini-series producers Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith do not disappoint. Fringe Elements is all about those individuals on the cutting edge of action sports and this new adaptation to snowboarding really puts athletes out there. Using a device called a Splitboard alpine snowboarders leave the […]

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