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The Unrideables ~ An interview with Speed-Rider Jon DeVore

Red Bull Air Force athlete Jon DeVore is riding high on the momentum of an emerging adventure sport. Combining his love of big mountain skiing and skydiving he and his teammates are putting themselves into some of the most inaccessible or inescapable terrain on the planet. Riding steep-angle lines on skis through hard to reach […]

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Into the Mind ~Behind the scenes

Adventure film maker Renan Ozturk and his crew at Camp 4 Collective have put together another incredible collaboration to deliver a thrilling new ski film. Into the Mind from Sherpa Cinemas offers up a dramatic tale of backcountry alpine passion as shared through the art of movie making. The producers of this amazing epic posted online […]

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Sweetgrass shares the Valhalla Forest scene ~skiing without snow

The creative minds at Sweetgrass Productions seem to have achieved the impossible. Producers Zac Ramras and Nick Waggoner put together an action packed ski segment for their latest film Valhalla without a single flake of snow. Available today for viewing online the Forest scene is a captivating glimpse into the incredible new movie ready for […]

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On the Road with Solitaire: Two Years, Five Winters

Often the best parts of a great film are scenes we never see. Left to be sorted from the scraps swept up from the cutting room floor, or rather the unused digits still on the hard drive, it’s those moments of stories untold that captivate and compel the mind to ponder those moments left behind […]

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The new film by Nick Waggoner and Sweetgrass Productions is nothing short of stunning. Not since his groundbreaking ski movie Signatures have snow sports been so profoundly elevated from mere adventure to art. Exquisite and sublime Solitaire takes expedition filmmaking to a new level combining music and athleticism to create a dance of speed, strength […]

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Episode IV: Low Tide

    Sweetgrass Productions’ Nick Waggoner posts another installment of the advance screening series “On the Road With Solitaire.” Episode IV: Low Tide laments the drudgeries of film production in poor snow conditions though the bitter cold Andes Mountains of South America. “Argentine women, though some may think they’re a God send are more practically […]

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Manic Media Monday: February 28, 2011

Protests over collective bargaining continue into their third week here in Wisconsin.  Despite a turnout of almost 80,000 who reject the Budget Repair Bill, Governor Walker is holding firm in his assertion that the State’s deficit of $137 million can only be resolved by stripping unions of their right to negotiate for benefits such as […]

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Alison Gannett saving snow

Podcast: Play in new windowSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS | Subscribe to the Joy Trip ProjectThere are plenty of people out there talking about climate change. But how many are actually doing something about it. Even those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors can […]

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