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Radical Reel Tour

5Point, Adventure Film, Adventure Media Review, Banff, Film Festival, Life Out Loud, mountainfilm, Radical Reel Tour, Reel Rock Film Tour / 16.01.2014

This morning the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 86th annual Oscar awards. Once again I’m amazed by the number of prominent feature films that I neglected to see in 2013. As a reviewer of adventure movies I don’t make it to my local cineplex the way I used to. Of those movies tapped to win Best Picture Twelve Years a Slave and American Hustle are the only two that I actually saw in a theater. And I imagine that it will...

Adventure Media Review, Banff, Film Festival, Film preview, Life Out Loud, National Geographic, Radical Reel Tour / 20.03.2013

Heading into the hospital for my second of two hip replacement surgeries I was more than ready for an emotional pick-me-up. Action film highlights from the Banff Mountain Film Festival are making their way across North America and around the globe in the 2013 Radical Reels World Tour. Offering up the same outstanding cinematic quality of the alpine inspired pics from Alberta, Rad Reels delivers a series of shorts and featurettes meant to drive your pulse to a fever pitch in a two-hour "get psyched mix"!With exciting scenes...

Adventure Media Review, Banff, Film Festival, Film Review, Mountain Film, Radical Reel Tour / 21.03.2012

This year’s super charged lineup of films in the 2012 Radical Reels Tour does not disappoint. These specially selected movies from the Banff Mountain Film Festival deliver adrenaline inspired action and sweeping high alpine backdrops that are nothing short of epic. Through 11 films spanning almost two hours riders on skis, kayaks, mountain bikes and skateboards press the performance envelope to the absolute limit and drive viewers to edge of their seats. But in a world where adventure athletes have pretty much conquered every environment known to man...