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Outdoor Retailer 2013 Day Zero

The incredible energy has already begun at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City Utah! Here is the first series of photos from the first two events the day before the start of the show on day Zero! The Joy Trip Project is made possible thanks to the generous support of┬áMAKO Surgical Corp. […]

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Nobody’s River

As the 3rd longest free-flowing river in the world the Amur in China is a shining example of what the world stands to lose if we continue the practice of building dams. In 2013 an expedition of four women aims to paddle this ancient waterway across three countries from source to sea and illustrate the […]

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Cascada a kayak film with soul

    When the guys at Forge Motion Pictures wrote to tell me about their latest web movie Cascada they played it down as nothing special. “The new short film is pretty simple kayak porn with soul, 5 minutes,” they said via Facebook, “not anything too significant.” I beg to differ on all points but […]

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The Shapeshifter, changing action into art

Art and action come together in the latest episode from the Skip Armstrong film series Of Souls & Water. Posted online this week to National Geographic Adventure Magazine The Shapeshifter raises the adrenaline bar more than just a few notches as this third film marks a dramatic transition from stories of calm contemplative flat water […]

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The Mother

A review of the new film by Skip Armstrong and Forge Motion Pictures Flat-water kayak films are typically light on storytelling but heavy on imagery. Exploring the maternal side of paddling a Utah river action takes a backseat to metaphor in The Mother. This next installment in the Forge Motion Pictures series Of Souls & […]

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