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The Dawn of Skylining

Within a few weeks of an unsuccessful attempt by French adventure athletes, “Sketchy” Andy Lewis and a small crew of daredevils put up and walked the world’s highest highline. At more than 4,000 feet off the ground this amazing feat was achieved with the dramatic assistance two hot air balloons. As part of a remarkable […]

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Jerry’s 704-ft world record highline

Perhaps one of the most critical questions that most any adventurer will ask themselves is, why? Once you get past the ego and obsession to achieve glory for having accomplished some amazing feat of athletic skill or daring everyone who risks the fortunes of life at some point will have to reconcile within their hearts […]

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Renan Ozturk: On Denali, Cineflex, and Alex Honnold

After several days camped on the Ruth Glacier at the base of Mount McKinley professional climber and artist Renan Ozturk is at the beginning of a long project. He had the cheerful expression of a kid in a candy store as he sorted his gear still flaked with snow off an Otter turbo-pro cargo plane […]

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Sender Films Profiled on CBS Morning News

Whenever you deal with something everyday you’re bound to lose perspective. And chances are you’ll forget that not everyone is so intimately familiar with the subject matter that occupies much of your professional life. That’s why I’m always pleased to see major news organizations devote a few minutes of airtime to the relatively obscure topic […]

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The Spaceline Eclipse

Backdropped against the annular eclipse of 2012 a Moab, Utah team slung a three-way highline across Mineral Bottom Canyon. Lead by Super Bowl slackline sensation Andy Lewis, aka Sketchy Andy, the group put up and walked an intersecting spaceline that spanned 92 feet across a chasm more than 200 feet high! “It was a great […]

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5Point Inspired Slack Life

I woke up this morning nowhere I expected to be. After a 3-hour joy trip from Carbondale, Colorado I found myself in Moab, Utah. I’d originally planned to camp by the river on the edge of town. Instead I wound up having to pick between sleeping on a cozy couch or way up high in […]

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