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Repreve ~ Do recycled fibers and fabrics make a difference?

Can there be a balance between commerce and ecology? As we head into the new year I want to believe that it’s possible, that we can live our lives in sustainable ways that protect the environment while allowing each of us to maintain a high standard of living. It would be great to turn it […]

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Carve Industries makes the most of beetle-killed pines

Growth in the world of SUP takes shape in all forms and Ryan Wibeck’s Carve Industries of Lyons, Colo. is making a bold statement through a line of handmade standup and surfboards made exclusively from wood of beetle-killed pine trees. As climate change and a warming planet make the weather more hospitable to the dreaded pine beetle, […]

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We’re Not Broke!

Despite all indications to the contrary, a new film wants you to disregard a common misconception. “We’re Not Broke” by Vicky Bruce and Hayes explores the arcane and all too confusing world of multi-national tax regulations to reveal a surprising fact. The most profitable corporations in the United States contribute almost nothing to the Internal […]

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“Happy” Earth Day Madison!

  There is no greater joy than the gift of happiness. And in celebration of Earth Day “Happy” is coming to Madison. To be more specific the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin is hosting a presentation of Roko Belic’s award-winning feature film “Happy”. The movie will be followed by a […]

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Rebuild the Dream a review of the book by Van Jones

The problem with the American dream is too often we’re caught sleeping. At the very least we let our attention wander in the bliss of freedom as the things in life that matter most fail neglected or are simply taken away. In his new book former special adviser to the Obama White House Van Jones […]

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