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The Henson Obsession Project

Even after many years of adventure travel I still agonize over the purchase of a new piece of equipment. With my finger hovering over the “buy now” button at the web site, I weighed the prospects of full commitment to this latest project. The outlay of serious cash for a pair of three-pin ski […]

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Mission Antarctic ~ a snowboarding adventure unlike any other

In the modern era of adventure sports and exploration it should be no surprise that one of the world’s leading freeride snowboarders would seek out the most extreme alpine lines on the planet. In 2012, when champion slope shredder Xavier De Le Rue set his sights on the continent of Antarctica, he was looking for […]

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Expedition Denali: 10,000 Steps

Even as the Expedition Denali team made their way off the mountain their enduring legacy of excellence took its first steps. On June 28 at the University of Alaska Anchorage several youth groups gathered for a solidarity hike to celebrate the distance the climbers aimed to travel from their High Camp at 17,200 feet to […]

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Expedition Denali: The Destination’s Journey

After 19 days of climbing over ice and snow to the highest peak in North America the journey is small consolation when all you ever wanted was the destination. Clichés be damned. When your ambitions go unfilled it’s hard not to indulge in petulance like a child, kicking and screaming on the floor in the […]

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Expedition Denali: On Course for a Successful Summit

On Sunday June 9, the Expedition Denali team was deposited safely at Base Camp on the Kahiltna Glacier in Alaska. The National Outdoor Leadership School made arrangements to shuttle by Otter turbo-prop cargo plane the nine climbers, four cameramen, and six instructors, along with their gear, to set up tents on the mountain. One hundred […]

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Expedition Denali: Scott Briscoe

Exposure at an early age to life in the great outdoors put Scott Briscoe on the long road of adventure. Inspired by a grandfather who loved to fish he developed a profound appreciation for the natural world that continues to this day. Though having attended private schools and granted many opportunities to experience high profile […]

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Lunar Lacey aims for a trip in space

  You never know who you’re going to meet on the Joy Trip of life. With some time to kill on my way to the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale, Colorado I stopped to visit an old friend in the town of Golden. Mark Cohen is a sales representative for the Skylark Group, an agency […]

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Nobody’s River

As the 3rd longest free-flowing river in the world the Amur in China is a shining example of what the world stands to lose if we continue the practice of building dams. In 2013 an expedition of four women aims to paddle this ancient waterway across three countries from source to sea and illustrate the […]

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Life Out Loud!

The first morning of the new year my wife Shamane and I spent working out at our local health club. Now that we finally have almost two feet of snow on the ground it’s a shame we couldn’t go skiing. All the trails around Madison are groomed to perfection and one friend said the cross-country […]

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Polar Explorer Eric Larsen Begins Attempt to Bicycle to the South Pole

After polar explorer Eric Larsen finished on the “triple crown of adventure”—traveling to the South Pole, the North Pole, and the top of Mount Everest in one year—it was hard to imagine what he might do next. But he has a plan. In December of 2012, Larson will begin another crossing of Antarctica. Once again […]

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