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The Next Project

  Earlier this week I formally submitted the confirmation for my acceptance into the Banff Mountain and Wilderness Writing Program. This has been a professional goal of mine for such a long time now that I’m astonished to have finally made it this point in my career. But that begs the question that must plague the mind of every […]

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The Questions We Ask ~ a short film explores Why?

In the summer of 2013 adventurer Bruce Kirkby paddled an SUP board from Vancouver, Canada to Victoria. On a journey of 150 kilometers over 5 days he ventured into the turbulent waters of the Pacific Ocean in search of meaning. Along the way he asked a series of profound questions in an exploration of his […]

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The Best Adventure Film of 2013

This morning the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 86th annual Oscar awards. Once again I’m amazed by the number of prominent feature films that I neglected to see in 2013. As a reviewer of adventure movies I don’t make it to my local cineplex the way I used […]

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Tim Cope wins 2013 Banff Mountain Book Festival Grand Prize

Australian adventurer Tim Cope was a novice rider when he set out on a 6,000-mile horseback journey across the Eurasian steppes. Interested in experiencing the nomadic way of life, he travelled for three years through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Ukraine, and Hungary. His book on the journey, On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic […]

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Radical Reels Tour 2013 All-Rise get psyched mix!

Heading into the hospital for my second of two hip replacement surgeries I was more than ready for an emotional pick-me-up. Action film highlights from the Banff Mountain Film Festival are making their way across North America and around the globe in the 2013 Radical Reels World Tour. Offering up the same outstanding cinematic quality […]

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Reel Rock 7 now on sale

Pulling in three top prizes at the Banff Mountain Film Festival the adventure climbing series Reel Rock 7 is out today on DVD.The latest production from the creative crew at Sender Films in Boulder offers up a comprehensive view of the modern mountaineering scene from all aspects of the sport. From high altitude alpine climbing […]

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