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Lessons In Photography

With my laptop plugged into a borrowed digital projector I quickly scrolled through a series of photographs taken over the last 36 months of my career. Preparing a workshop for the Lussier Community Education Center in Madison, Wisconsin I made sure to pick out images that were both engaging and inspiring to meet the interests […]

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Drawing ~The Work of Jeremy Collins at Banff

As we’re winding up our time here at the Banff Centre there are constant reminders of enduring moments spent making cleaver expressions of mountain culture. Outside of the MacLab Bistro in the Kenner Centre of Creativity and Innovation a massive video display greets visitors with an exciting presentation of light and color as my fellow […]

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Finally! The Wolf & The Medallion premieres online

Three years after it’s premiere in 2011 the groundbreaking film “The Wolf & The Medallion” will premiere online at the web site It’s A Short on May 12, 2014. A new distribution platform dedicated to sharing short films over the Internet, the subscription service which launched in March aims to help talented filmmakers earn money […]

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For In This Space I Dream

When you keep a watchful eye on the world of adventure it’s easy to get a little tunnel vision. I know that I often loose perspective on those things outside of the outdoor space and the alternative dreams of moment expressed through the human body. Every once in a while it’s nice to get a […]

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What it Costs

There are few days when I don’t consider myself the luckiest person in the world. I’ve managed to pull together enough personal resources and relationships to do many amazing things in some of the most beautiful places in the world. But anyone living life in pursuit of dreams knows that there’s a price to be […]

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Afghan Dreamers

Following up her 2012 “Streets of Afghanistan” project social activist Shannon Galpin has launched a new initiative to raise awareness for the plight of women and girls in Central Asia. Afghan Dreamers is a new book now in production with the help of Make Stuff Sharp that aims to further incorporate art as a powerful […]

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Death in the West, a new series by Anson Fogel

Filmmaker Anson Fogel wants to show a side of the American West that few people get to see in the movies. Having grown up around the rural farming and ranch communities of the Wyoming and Colorado the head of Forge Motion Pictures has a different perspective to share that runs contrary to the romantic imagines […]

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Tectonic Media Group pools top photog talent

A cohort of the outdoor industry’s leading photographers are joining forces to create an earthshaking consortium of adventure mediamaking. The Tectonic Media Group is a top flight collaboration of talented artist/athletes that includes Jimmy Chin, Tyler Stableford, Corey Rich and Jeff Curtes. An adjunct to Novus Select, a New York-based photography agency, the new organization […]

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Honor the Treaties

National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey is no longer a witness. For seven years he’s photographed the people of the Sioux Nation on their lands among the Black Hills of South Dakota. And though he was originally drawn to the Pine Ridge Reservation by a compelling story of poverty and desperation, he now plies his talents […]

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The Point of Pinterest

Every spring there’s an amazing display outside our bedroom window. As the weather gets warm after winter the magnolia tree our neighbors share explodes with bright pink blossoms. Hundreds of flowers the size of teacups cast a spectacular array of light and color that is precious to behold, because within a week or more each […]

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