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Recently Madison, Wisconsin was named the city in America with the highest quality of living. This latest accolade bestowed upon my adopted hometown came as no surprise to me. After more than 20 years as a resident of the Mad City I’ve long known of the many wonderful qualities that make this such a truly wonderful place to live. But apart from the dry demographic facts of affordable housing, the availability of health care, economic prosperity, a proliferation of ethnic restaurants and a thriving arts scene at core of any great city is quality of the people who live there. And while we often focus our attention on the wealthy and affluent among us I believe that it is better judge a city’s quality of life on the impressions of those individuals whose hard work, their physical labor make the wonderful existence that we all enjoy possible.

Working Madison is photo essay that profiles local 5 people in career blue-collar  professions. From a construction worker to a bartender these are a few of the dedicated individuals who keep one of the greatest cities in America going strong.

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