The Questions We Ask ~ a short film explores Why?


In the summer of 2013 adventurer Bruce Kirkby paddled an SUP board from Vancouver, Canada to Victoria. On a journey of 150 kilometers over 5 days he ventured into the turbulent waters of the Pacific Ocean in search of meaning. Along the way he asked a series of profound questions in an exploration of his own desire to seek out new challenges in the world outside. And at the heart of each query was a single notion worth pondering. Why?

The Questions We Ask is a short film directed by Kalum Ko with narration by Kirkby. A poetic meditation on what motivates men and women to experience life through travel by human-powered transport this engaging little flick offers no answers but demands of the audience instead to look within themselves to find meaning of their own.

“Adventure is curiosity,” Kirkby says. “The willingness to embrace uncertainty, wondering about the possibility of doing just one thing differently than before.”

With breathtaking images that reveal far more of the journey than any destination this wonderful little film will encourage viewers to seek out adventures only they can define. The answers lie within the personal satisfaction that can only come when we reach out with our minds and take that first step, tire rotation, peddle crank or paddle stroke into the unknown.

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