The Adventure Gap ~ An Author’s Journey Begins

photo by Carolyne Richardson Sutton

Under the weight of my backpack I resisted the urge to break into a full sprint as I walked with purpose down Pearl Street. Prone to sweat profusely with even the least physical exertion I moved through the crowd on the mall, dodging other pedestrians at a moderate pace but as quickly as possible.

Though I was prepared to give my presentation at the Boulder Bookstore without the benefit of slides, at least one member of the audience who arrived early to hear me speak insisted that I go get them. So I made short work of a round trip on foot to retrieve my laptop locked away in a rental car parked a block and a half away.

Now dripping with perspiration I plugged my computer into the borrowed projector as a small crowd slowly gathered and took their seats. After a brief introduction by my host I immediately launched into my talk. With each click of the spacebar I advanced one slide after another to allow the narrative to unfold. As my racing heart began to calm and my sodden shirt started to dry I eased into the story detailing how I came to write my first book The Adventure Gap.

After more than two years of painstaking effort this seminal work of non-fiction published by the Mountaineers Books is now available for purchase at stores around the country and online at retailers including Amazon and iTunes. But there still remains the arduous task of personally presenting the book to audiences wherever possible and at this first major stop on a national tour I have come to realize that my great adventure as a published author has only just begun.


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