Colours of Edziza

Colours of Edziza

Our fragile natural landscapes are worth protecting and preserving. Through the active engagement of our minds and bodies as we travel through them we establish a life-affirming relationship between ourselves and the world around us. A new documentary film aims to encourage people across North America to recognize the link between culture and the environment in order to ensure the continued success and prosperity of both into the future.

Colors of Edziza is a journey into the Tahltan First Nation Territory of norther British Columbia. With an international crew of explorers the filmmakers follow a 110km-trek through one of the last fully intact and undeveloped ecosystems on the continent. Sharing the story of their trip with dramatic images and storytelling Color of Edziza wants to shed light on those places left on the planet we stand to lose should we neglect them.

“Through this film we’re sharing the urgent message that no matter who we are or where we’re from, it’s possible for us to respect the land and all life on earth,” writes producer Mike Schauch on the film’s Indie GoGo page. “But this can only begin to happen when we finally learn to respect ourselves and each other.”

Though still in production Color of Edziza has a powerful message that will likely resonate with environmental activists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With an ambitious fund-raising goal of $25,000 the filmmakers are looking to conclude their final edits and commission an original score from composer and violist Thomas Beckman of the band Sons of Granville. They also look forward to sharing their project at several conservation inspired film festivals as well as premiere events across the Tahltan Territory and Vancouver.

Colours of Edziza Film: Official Teaser from Karmik Productions on Vimeo.

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