Top Rock Climbers, Yosemite Pioneers, Everest Fight Featured in Reel Rock 8 Tour

Courtesy of REEL Rock

Courtesy of REEL Rock

The 8th annual REEL Rock Film Tour, which kicks off tonight in Boulder, includes stories that push beyond the state-of-the-art climbing and that showcase a historic look into the sport’s not so distant past. Sender Films adventure movie makers Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, and Nick Rosen will roll out four new exciting documentaries that will nurture fans’ highest aspirations to ascend big walls and high alpine summits around the world.

“We always have our eye on something bigger and better. It’s a challenge every year to one-up ourselves. It’s like being a professional rock climber,” Rosen said in an interview on the eve of the REEL Rock premiere. “We try to make compelling films about cutting-edge climbing, but we also tell stories about relationships and the real people who give us a look into their lives.”
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