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The artists at Sweetgrass Productions just rolled out the trailer for their latest feature film! Valhalla follows the exploits of top flight adventure athletes on a northern alpine joy trip to some of the most awesome ski destinations on the planet. Previous clips I’ve seen along with the cover art on this newest teaser seem reminiscent of Tom Wolf’s psychedelic work of non-fiction new journalism The Electric Kool-Acid Test. But rather than chasing the chemical high of some drug induced illusion this ski movie promises an exciting true journey inspired by speed, gravity, pure adrenaline and good old fashioned pyrotechnics.

“For one of the scenes in our upcoming film we decided the feeling, the vibe that we really wanted to express would involve massive explosions and fireworks!” said producer and cinematographer, Zac Ramras.

But typical of Sweetgrass films Valhalla aims to create an experience that goes far beyond the gratuitous ski porn that has for so long dominated the adventure media genre.

“We’re working with some high caliber athletes like Eric Hjorleifson and Kye Peterson, some really talented people,” Ramras said. We’re exciting about raising the bar of our skiing in this film as well as the storyline.”

The list of featured athletes in Valhalla include as well Cody Barnhill, Sierra Quitiquit, Pep Fujas,  Kazushi Yamauchi, Zack Giffen, Molly Baker and many others. From the stunning back drop images that we glimpse in the trailer we can only speculate that these skiers and snowboarders will lead us on the action packed, visually enhanced journey of a lifetime. Valhalla premieres September 13th at the Paramount Theater in Denver Colorado. Check out the world tour schedule with more than 130 stops.

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