MAKOPlasty Recovery Day 119


Less than four months after two MAKOPlasty procedures to replace both my hips I went for my first 3 mile run. Right off my back porch is a perfect course along a popular bike path and lightly traveled residential streets. Before the onset of osteo-arthritis I frequently ran this route in 30 minutes or less on light training days just to get in a little exercise for starting my day’s work. But now at a pace considerably slower I’m struggling to regain a great deal of lost strength and flexibility not to mention the fact that I’m at least 35 pounds over weight.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead I’m not discouraged. With my new MAKO implants I’m virtually pain free. The only discomfort I feel are the familiar aches of muscle fatigue. I know from years of active endeavors as an athlete that these little tweaks and twinges will pass in time as long as I continue to train and push past them. Hip replacement doesn’t mean that I have to slow down and spend the rest of my life worried about taking a hard fall. The reality is I can resume my active lifestyle and engage in a wide variety of pursuits that osteo-arthritis had made impossible for me to enjoy. MAKOplasty gave me my life back.

Through of the course of blog I hope to document my progress moving forward toward several ambitious goals. I aim to overcome many of my current physical limitations and forge a path not only to wellness but excellence. Along the way I want to answer the questions of those considering MAKOPlasty hip replacement surgery, share the stories of individuals like me who are exploring the boundaries of their surgical outcome and perhaps provide a bit of guidance toward a speedy recovery. If you  have a story to share about hip replacement surgery or if you’re looking for information on what to expect before, during or after a MAKOPlasty procedure please post a question or comment below. ~JEM


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