Jimmy Chin: Beyond the Shark’s Fin



Photographer and filmmaker Jimmy Chin is every bit as much an artist as he is an adventurer. Combining his passions for taking pictures with scaling high mountains in remote locations around the world, he has created a unique form of storytelling in which he and his climbing partners are cast as characters who record on film the narrative of their journey even as it unfolds.

Returning from an unsuccessful attempt to ascend one of the few remaining unclimbed peaks in the Garhwal Himalaya in 2008, Chin along with professional climbers Conrad Anker and  Renan Ozturk made it to the summit of Mount Meru in 2011. A 20,700-foot vertical wall of rock known as the Shark’s Fin, Meru pushed each member of the expedition to their physical limits even before the climb began. Ozturk was badly injured in a devastating skiing accident just months earlier. And a few weeks later Chin survived an avalanche that by all accounts should have killed him. And Anker, having lived through another avalanche that claimed his best friend back in the 90s, continually struggles to balance his life as a mountaineer with his responsibilities as a husband and father of three sons.

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