Exposure Vol. 1 ~ raw portrayal of real climbers

When it comes to adventure really all you need is a peek into the lives to those on the cutting edge. Typically films in the action sports genre create a reality TV inspired false sense of narrative, a convoluted concoction that tells an incomplete story that is simply in fact untrue. But in the latest project by Chuck Fryberger and Kyle Berkompas the audience is exposed to a tiny piece of the experience enjoyed by climbers who don’t always summit but who are constantly striving to reach their next new height of performance.

Exposure Vol. 1, which premieres tonight on Epic TV and at the Boulder Theater in Colorado, is a film about real athletes leading a genuine existence of uncertain accomplishment. Somewhere on the boundary between obsession and excellence they push themselves, as we in the audience watch, to achieve singular goals defined by nothing more than the limits of their own abilities. That’s where the magic happens.

With no promise of big-paycheck endorsement deals or prize money for a first ascent, each climber portrayed in this film is stripped bare of any pretense of an over inflated ego or delusional posturing to be number one. Working complicated problems in bouldering and trad climbing through remote locations across North America, South America and Europe the athletes in each story share their struggles to realize a particular dream that is of no value to anyone other than themselves. But the great gift these climbers share with the audience is an unadulterated view of life in pursuit of passion and the rewards it can offer to anyone willing to try.

Produced in a style that’s accessible to even beginning climbers Exposure Vol. 1 offers up raw and realistic portraits of people whose vision often exceed their grasp. Though we’re treated to a few successful conclusions, ambitious projects constantly go unresolved, each climber compelled to confront their failure and try again. An accurate reflection of life itself this film is an encouraging portrayal of those who defy disappointment and continue their journey wherever the next destination might lead.

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