Tectonic Media Group pools top photog talent

A cohort of the outdoor industry’s leading photographers are joining forces to create an earthshaking consortium of adventure mediamaking. The Tectonic Media Group is a top flight collaboration of talented artist/athletes that includes Jimmy Chin, Tyler Stableford, Corey Rich and Jeff Curtes. An adjunct to Novus Select, a New York-based photography agency, the new organization has created a talent pool to take full advantage of the depth and breath of multimedia resources now in high demand.

“Outdoor photography has always been a strength of Novus. But we really wanted to put together a dream team,” said TMG director Jonathan Retseck. “The role of the photographer is really evolving. They’re athletes, they’re personalities, they do training. A boutique agency like this can really deliver a lot of the services our clients are looking for.”

Collectively members of the TMG have worked for many of the leading magazines and outdoor product manufacturers around the world. They’ve shot for big names that include National Geographic, Apple, Burton Snowboards, Canon, Nike, Nikon, and The North Face.

“We plan to aggressively go after new clients,” Retseck said. “But these guys have existing relationships with top brands and we’re going to work at maintaining those.”

With skills in both still and video photography as well as talents in mountaineering and rock climbing the team at TMG can literally bring back images and stories from just about anywhere on the planet. Outdoor photographer Corey Rich said he’s excited about being part of a tight community of artists, something he’s long craved.

“We all share the passion for being outside, for telling stories,” Rich said. “And the idea behind this group of course is to take the outdoor adventure world we’re so familiar with and share it with the world at large.”

TMG will likely function to collaborate on projects so that the team can tackle large campaigns in different places at the same time.

“We see Tectonic functioning in a few different ways”, said Tyler Stableford. “Another is that, because we are all so busy, we can share assignments that we might otherwise not be able to take due to scheduling conflicts; and a third function is to leverage our combined portfolios to attract a higher level work for each of us.”

The business of adventure media has likely entered into a new era that promises a much higher level quality and production value. With advances in technology, smaller high resolution cameras and advanced editing software, talented artists can really push the boundaries of their abilities.

“They won’t just be shooting off the shot list,” said Retseck at TMG. “They’ll be creating new original projects that will push adventure photography right into the mainstream.”

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