Sweetgrass Seven Shorts of Solitaire


Just when you thought you put the ski season behind you, the filmmakers at Sweetgrass Productions deliver a new series of shorts from South America “On The Road to Solitaire”. Over the next seven weeks master storyteller Rick Wagoner offers up a few behind-the-scenes tales of an epic ski excursion across the southern hemisphere where the summer calendar still means snow.

In the first installment “The End of the Line”, skiers ride the railways of Bolivia in search of their next adventure. But the crew gets shut down when train operators refuse to give them a ride. Humping skis through an arid desert they press on undeterred from their goal.

“We pushed against the grain trying desperately to make things happen. And the grain was pushing back,” the narrator says. “When you’re on the ropes, sometimes you have to let go, move on and trust in faith. Sometimes you get lucky. So we tossed the storyboards out the window and kept dancing.”

In an inspiring show of pluck in the face of an uncertain future this short film demonstrates in fluid voice-over prose and stunning imagery the adventure to be found while overcoming adversity. “The End of the Line” is indeed the beginning of a series that promises  a journey truly worth following.

On The Road Episode VII – End of The Line from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

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