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It’s finally snowing like it should in Madison, Wisconsin. Waiting to board a Frontier flight to Denver I’m told we’re still cleared to take off. So I’m on my way to Salt Lake City bound for the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market
That’s saying a lot because 2012 marks 20 years for me attending this biannual gathering of all things adventure. I quite literally own items of technical clothing that’s older than some of the top athletes on the snow scene today. But I’m thrilled for the opportunity twice each year to engage this amazing community of professionals that derived their living from outdoor recreation and environmental conservation.

I’m especial eager to enjoy this year’s show in an official capacity. Working under contract with the Outdoor Retailer marketing staff I’ll be working out on the show floor as a social media specialist! Same as always I’ll be roving the aisles looking for the latest new products and the many people who create and promote them. But this year you can follow my updates on the Outdoor Retailer Facebook page and Twitter profile. I’ll post photographs and text messages that detail current events as they happen. Plus I’ll have a photo round-up of the daily happenings for you to enjoy and share.

And speaking sharing I hope everyone at the show and even those at home will offer up their own photographs, promotional updates and general observations on the things their excited about. Once we’re all done and everyone heads home I’ll be compiling a detailed report on both the state of the industry as well as the progress made by industry supported non-profits and environmental organizations.

There’s a lot of great information to share over the next 7 days. Social media is a wonderful way to communicate. Hag tag your posts #ORWM or send your content and comments directly to Facebook:

Safe travels. See you in Salt Lake City!

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