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Marion, Iowa

I just pulled over for a food break and an email check. Google maps tells me I’m 155 miles into the first leg of this westward road trip to the 5Point Film Festival and beyond. Culver’s restaurants are a good alternative to your typical fast food, just as much fat, maybe more, but everything is fresh. The “Butter Burger” will do you in and if like frozen custard this is definitely the place. Free Wi-Fi makes this a good hot spot for wireless.

I’m trying out the Road Tripper App for iPad & iPhone from ZurApps Research Inc.  So far I have mix opinions. The features seem to work really well on the free version but as you can guess the ads on the bottom are super annoying. You can map a set of maps to plot out your trip to make frequent stops and track your miles in between. Nice!

But when I go to buy the full version, a bargain at $1.99 I get one of those circular error messages:” You must purchase the app that this item is before you can purchase the item.”

What the hell does that mean? It seems like a cool little app but I may never know how cool. Curious to know if there’s a better one out there. Anyone have a suggestion? Please let me know.

Heading to Lincoln, Nebraska tonight.

The Joy Trip Project is made possible with the support sponsors Patagonia, Rayovac and the New Belgium Brewing Company

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