‘Perfect Balance’ a painting by Brandon Kralik

An inspiring new painting is now available in print reproduction. ‘Perfect Balance’ by artist Brandon Kralik is a stark representation of the human spirit in pursuit of pure adventure. In contrast with the raw vulnerability of naked passion the exquisite oil painting might be called instead ‘Nude Ascending Slackline’. Free of the adrenaline-induced bravado of extreme sport culture Kralik’s rendering prompts the viewer to look within to explore the deep recesses of one’s own ambition and the numbing fear that often stifles it.

“The feeling is subjective but my intention was to show the grace and beauty of the human form doing something that has never been done, yet possible,” Kralik shared in an exchange on Facebook. “One looks up at this woman and down into the abyss simultaneously. The desire to push boundaries, to better oneself is a natural condition of being human. To be able to manage, to balance, all of life’s challenges and walk one’s talk, to focus so clearly on what one wishes to accomplish and KNOW that it is the only possible outcome. This is what this painting is about. It is here to remind us, on a daily basis of what we are really capable of if we just set our minds to it. Anything!”

The growing popularity of slacklining was made clear as Gibbon sponsored athlete Andy Lewis stole the show last night at half-time during the Super Bowl. Displaying his signature moves and vibrant personality Lewis succeeded in pulling this once obscure sport into the public mainstream quite literally overnight. But Kralik’s painting ‘Perfect Balance’ provides a much more personal and intimate reflection on its more spiritual aspects. We’re made to see what is possible when we set aside our fears and apprehensions to walk the line with purpose and pure intention.

View more of Brandon Kralik’s work online. Visit: http://www.brandonkralik.com


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