Perennial Yoga & Meditation

Not far from Downtown Madison in the adjoining town of Fitchburg a new community of mindful movement has made its home. Perennial Yoga & Meditation opened to welcome practitioners this week to grow through the power of inner peace.

“Once you connect with your own inner peace I want people to take that out in the world with them, into their relationships, into their work lives and into their communities,” said founder Meg Schleis Groves. “When you’re in your own happy peaceful place you’re so much better at connecting with the world around you.”

Perennial is the latest of several new locations throughout the Madison area to offer yoga as the basis of personal growth and the creation of strong communities. The Studio created by Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau has been open for about a year and recently began offering free yoga classes for low-income individuals. And Angela Gargano’s Bliss Flow Yoga is celebrating its seventh year in business with discounted classes through Saturday of this week.

Long known as a community of progressive thinkers and social activists Madison is truly a destination for those looking for that mind/body connection. Home of the Laboratory of Affective Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin headed by Dr. Richard Davidson the Mad City draws both scholars and seekers to discover the simple mysteries of life. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a frequent visitor and works with researchers at the UW Center For Investigating Healthy Minds.

With eyes turned inward to reflect upon the unity of thought and action the Madison community shares its vision with the world. The place where Gaylord Nelson first put forth the idea of Earth Day perpetuates the notion of a harmonious communion between humanity and nature. And here Perennial Yoga & Meditation will likely help to continue the tradition.

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