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All I can say is wow! After 5 solid days of complete immersion into the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market I can finally come up for air and decompress my mind and body from the biggest most successful adventure snow sports tradeshow ever! With the alarm going off and 5:30 AM each morning and daily events keeping me up until after midnight I pretty much burned the candle at both ends. Unfortunately I’d neglected the Joy Trip Project blog in favor of Facebook and Twitter posts for the sake of speed and convenience. But with tons of posted photographs and quotes from attendees I hope you were able to follow along and join in the fun.

For those of you lucky or smart enough to have made your way home already I hope you have an opportunity as I do now to take some time to sit back and reflect on the events of the past week. After a good night’s sleep and a light workout I’m settled into a corner table for a hardy breakfast. Hagermann’s Bakehouse downtown on West Temple in Salt Lake City offers free Wi-Fi and a bottomless pot of coffee. So here I’ll make my office for the most of the day to process a three-inch stack of business cards and think about all the many things the Outdoor Industry shared with me.

During this process of decompression I hope you’ll share some of your thoughts and impressions of the show. I’m curious to know how the event might have directly impacted your business as an exhibitor or a sales rep. If you’re a retailer is there anything in particular you might have seen or learned that will make your shop more profitable or help you to better serve your customers? And if you’re an athlete or an activist how might have you strengthened your relationships with sponsors to support your cause or your next big adventure?

Post your responses to this blog or drop me a note via email to info@joytripproject.com. Your answers to these questions will allow me to better assess the overall strength and success of this year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. I’ll be sure to follow up over the next few days with many of you. But in the meantime please share your experience!

And while you’re recovering be sure to take a few moments to reward yourself for all your hard work. I’m sure you’re eager to get right back to your shop or office and start applying what you’ve brought back from the show. But remember we’re in the play business. I believe we are each at our passionate best when we’re relaxed and happy in the flow of productivity. Personally, I’ve book a massage appointment for later this afternoon. I know I deserve it. I’ll be you do too!~ JEM


The Joy Trip Project is made possible with the support of sponsors Patagonia and the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

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