Backyard brings fracking close to home

Until we’re directly affected by a global crisis seldom are we prompted to take action and make a change. Though the environment is suffering the devastating impact of humanity’s rush to extract the Earth’s remaining non-renewable energy supply most of us are willing to allow the pollution to continue. That is until it strikes us where we live. Backyard is a new film project under development by Deia Scholsberg that aims to raise awareness for the harmful effects of fracking on the land and the communities where the practice is allowed to occur.

Looking for funding on Kickstarter, Scholsberg aims to tell the story of three locations where hydraulic fracturing is currently in varied states of development.  Working on location in the states of North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Colorado the film aims to provide a comprehensive look into the real lives of people and their families who will directly face the environmental consequences of natural gas extraction by fracking.

The project has the added element of storytelling through animation. Scholsberg intends to provide audiences with an allegorical alternative in a cartoon fable that encourages the development of more sustainable sources of energy. Backyard promises to give viewers hope for a brighter future without imposing a doomsday scenario that often leaves people wondering why they should even bother to try.

“This movie will in no way guilt people into action (or into annoyance and subsequent inaction),” Scholsberg wrote in her Kickstarter pitch. “I intend to use the people stories to move viewers, and the animated fable to inspire them.  No doom, no gloom.”

With a fresh perspective on a very complex social issue Backyard is a movie worth supporting. Scholsberg’s background both as an explorer and a filmmaker more than qualifies her to bring this important story to the public. Her passion for the preservation of the environment through art strives to bring audiences closing to the topic and inspire them to act.

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