Vegan Resistance


This is perhaps as much an exercise in field reporting as it is a exploration of a healthy lifestyle. This is my first blog post I’ve ever drafted start to finish directly from my iPad. Transfering the photograph and formatting the text is challenging on this screen keyboard. But it’s doable.

I’m traveling this week on assignment for Paddle Sports Business Magazine. Here in Minneapolis, MN I’m looking into one of the most classic gear shops in the country called Midwest Mountaineering. After spending yesterday visiting with shop employees and buyers today I’ll take a series of photographs and connect with owner and founder Rod Johnson.

Even in the first week of January there’s still a complete selection of canoes, kayaks and all the equipment you’ll need or an on-water adventure. And sitting here over breakfast at the Crown Plaza Hotel I’m giving some serious thought to what a healthy diet means to my ability to be fit for the current ski season through winter and the other outdoor activities I look forward to in the spring.

I’ve considered going vegan. But who can resist these wonderful tastes and flavors of my favorite breakfast. Two eggs over- easy, bacon, toast with butter and hashbrowns has more animal protein, fat and cholesterol in one sitting than I should probably have in a week. I’ve got vegan resistance. I’m still young and active enough to burn a lot of it off pretty quickly. I suspect though that with each passing year that’s going to get harder to do. Today I’m plenty healthy but what about the years to come?

I recently watched the film Forks Over Knives. It’s a truly fascinating look into the benefits of a diet that is void of animal protein. The advantages are clear. But I just LOVE bacon and butter! When I’m traveling especially it’s tough to make better choices in my diet. And even at home it’s hard to prioritize time for proactive shopping and meal planning. Even though I know that it’s in my best interests to eat better as well as exercise I, probably like you, struggle to make it happen. Resolving to incorporate a healthy diet is a good place to start. It’s that illusive next step that’s the challenge.

So what are your suggestions? How do you moderate your diet and schedule to create good eating habits? Share your idea and advice.


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