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Filmmaker Chuck Fryberger makes climbing movies for climbers. His flicks are an intimate look at state of the art and he suffers no patience for those on the short end of the learning curve. “I’m going to make a film with Chris Sharma and I’m not going to explain who he is, because that just gets in the way of the story.” He said in a recent interview.

So don’t expect a voiceover narration on the intricate details of big wall climbing or even bouldering. “I’m not at all worried about confusing non-climbers with my films,” Fryberger said. “If my mom sees this film and understands everything she sees then I’ve failed.”

His latest project The Scene is a sprawling portrait of the climbing world today. More of a time capsule than a documentary Fryberger’s new film showing in more than 60 venues worldwide offers up a snapshot of climbers in prime locations across North America and parts of Europe. First person interviews with personalities like Moab BASE jumper and climber Steph Davis give a look in to the lives those on the cutting edge of the sport, backdropped against the spectacular settings where they ply their craft.

The Scene takes viewers into those spots where the best athletes on the planet are making it happen right now. Fryberger is there camera in hand to capture not just the flavor of the a particular climbing area, but the complicated projects that leading locals are working on. The film documents several first ascents after weeks on location.

“The sponsors give me decent resources to work with and sometimes when you’re filming one of the biggest resources is time,” Fryberger said. “Sometimes we’re out there for days waiting around for something to happen, focusing on hard objectives. It’s great to be there when it does.”

And that’s truly what The Scene offers, a front row seat on the event horizon of modern climbing. From the excitement of the latest crag in Boulder, Colorado, to hard routes set along the New River Gorge in Fayetteville, West Virginia to high stakes comps of Innsbruck, Austria all the way to the sheer cliffs of Catalunya, Spain avid fans can be there and fulfill Fryberger’s ultimate goal of his films.

“I hope to inspire people to participate in the sport,” he said. “and appreciate the culture of climbing.”



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