Six weeks of meat Underground Kitchen serves up the savory

If you’re a fan of protein you’ll love this new project from folks the Underground Kitchen in Madison. Yesterday afternoon I received a note inviting me to a gallery showing of “Meat Art.” My friend and stand up paddling partner Scott Pauli is a talented graphic artist who designed the packaging for six weeks of artisan meat deliveries that are part of a unique community supported agriculture program.

Weekly deliveries of CSA garden produce are pretty common. But the folks at the Underground Food Collective rolled a wide assortment of organic cured meat products for home consumption.

“Four pounds a week just seemed like the magic number,” said UFC co-founder Johnny Hunter. “We actually invested in the breeding stock for meat and we’re processing it all ourselves.”

Raised locally at nearby farms pigs, goats and cows are free range and grass fed. With good nutrition they’re without many of the hormones and antibiotics typical of modern meat. The result is a regular four-pound offering of delicious ready-to-eat or cook-and-serve products that will add incredible flavors to your dinner table.

Items include things familiar like pastrami, cured ham and salami. And of course customers receive a Wisconsin favorite, bratwurst. There are also a few unusual things like pig butter, headcheese, and coppa, a dry-cured pork cold-cut.

“We don’t always know what everything is,” said Scott Pauli, “But everything’s delicious and usually more than we can eat in a week.”

Rich and savory the meat comes at a subscription cost of $300. At about $12.50 per pound it may be a bit pricy for most food budgets. But it’s a great way to add a lot of variety and many unique flavors into your healthy diet.


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