Mountain Film Overwhelm


I’ve been up since 6:00 AM and I’m still scrambling to post photographs from the first day of Mountain Film. I have less than 15 minutes to pull together and post an album before I head out to the next morning coffee talk gathering at 8:00 AM. I didn’t get to bed until almost 2.

I regret that these humble pictures do very little to give you an idea of how amazing and a bit overwhelming this year’s Mountain Film is. And we’re only half way through. A very comprehensive discussion of Greg Mortenson’s fall from grace, a memorial to the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, the new film by Roko BelicHappy”, a multi-media stage show by Craig Childs and the ILCP 12-Shot photo reception were among the many, many highlights..

Please enjoy these photographs and post your comments. I’ll have more detailed summaries shortly. I can only hope that I can muster the words to adequately convey what a unique and inspiring event this has been.

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  • It is your enthusiasm that is getting in the way of sleep. Nice work James!