Manic Media Monday! August 29,2011


If you were stuffed in a snow cave, out in the backcountry, climbing a rock or otherwise just too busy to check into your regular news channels here are six of the top stories in Adventure Media to follow this week:

 Los Angeles River Tries On New Role, as Waterway

The Los Angeles river was once a drainage ditch filled with floating debry and rusting shopping carts. A new pilot program from the Los Angeles Conservation Corps opens urban waterway to recreational kayaking


Seeing Irene as Harbinger of a Change in Climate

Even though Hurricane Irene fell short of devastation estimates scientists believe growing intensity of tropical storms are the direct result of global warming. Leading researchers predict bad weather in the future will only get worse



Greenlanders Divided On Arctic Oil, Gas Exploration

A warming planet is creating vast expanses of open water in the Arctic. That means the region is also opening up to oil and gas exploration. There’s a rush underway by companies to claim these natural resources and the people of Greenland are wondering it’s going to effect them.



Martin Luther King Was White?

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial opened last week in Washington D.C. on the Capital Mall. Art critic Blake Gopniks wonders if the white marble statue lives up to the great man’s legacy.





Tomatoland –How industrial farming destroyed our most alluring fruit

As summer gardeners start to pick this year’s crop of fresh tomatoes food writer Berry Estabrook explores the dark side domestic fruit and vegetable production.






The Scene – A new film by Chuck Fryberger

This fall the director of “Pure” & “Core” takes an in depth looking to the lives the world’s leading rock climbers








If your favorite news item didn’t make the list this week let us know! Share your adventure media news at information at We’ll try to include it next week.


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