Emmy nomination for Sender Films

Adventure movies don’t get a lot of airtime on TV. And fewer still get tapped for major awards. But Sender Films‘ feature Fly or Die has been nominated to receive an Emmy for Outstanding Camera Work. Shot on location under precarious circumstances of extreme heights, this film defies the challenges of rigging and equipment placement to make for one the best depictions of sport in 2010.

“It’s a great validation to be nominated for the sports Emmy alongside major events like the world cup and the Olympics,” said producer Peter Mortimer.  “It shows that even with our small guerilla crews we can capture some of the great sports moments of the year.”

Part of the First Ascent series that aired on the Travel Channel, Fly or Die tells the story of free climbing BASE jumper Dean Potter. Blending the two sports into one Potter puts it all on the line to practice the seldom seen athletic discipline called Free-BASEing. Though it sounds likes a mainlined fix for an adrenaline junkie, the combined sport adds an element of safety to high altitude free climbing. Should the climber fall in a bid to send a shear cliff a few thousand feet off the ground, the parachute deploys to bring him or her to safety.

Not a likely sport to catch on in the mainstream Free-BASEing is subject matter common to outfits like Sender Films. One of a very few production companies with the skill or expertise to deliver such amazing stories,  Mortimer aims to create more projects for television in the future.

“We hope this nomination puts us in the eyes of the TV world alongside the production houses shooting the best sports content in the country,” he said.

The 32nd annual Emmy Awards for Sports will be announced on May 2nd.




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