Adventure Media Review: Fringe Elements Episode 1

In the premiere edition of their new National Geographic Adventure mini-series producers Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith do not disappoint. Fringe Elements is all about those individuals on the cutting edge of action sports and this new adaptation to snowboarding really puts athletes out there.

Using a device called a Splitboard alpine snowboarders leave the groomed slopes and avalanche protected ski resorts behind. Powered only by sweat and muscle professional riders climb up to their objectives to carve turns typically accessible by helicopters.

“You’ll never know until you’re out there. You’ll never know until you’re alone in the mountains and you can’t hear anything,” says snowboarder Jonaven Moore. “It’s really a different experience entirely than being at the ski hill.”

Though fraught with hazards of potential avalanche or rock fall, Splitboard riders enjoy the freedom to explore incredible backcountry areas.

“Two or three hours and you’ll have the best ride of your life,” Moore said. “You’ll’ve climbed 2,000 feet and all of the sudden you’ll have this amazing run.”



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