The Sustainable Prisons Project

Washington State prison inmates pay their debt to society by helping to create a sustainable environment. A new film produced by Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele illustrates an initiative that teaches the incarcerated science and common practices for life upon their release in a better world.

Jeff Muse, manager of the Sustainable Prisons Project at The Evergreen State College, said this partnership with the department of corrections helps not only to cut down on institutional waste but teaches convicts that they can contribute to wildlife preservation even behind bars. “There’s no reason to think that someone who’s in prison for making a wrong decision in life can’t still play a role in being a steward for the planet,” Muse said in the film.

Winners of the 2009 Grant 4 Change prize offered by the sustainable apparel brand Nau, Drummond and Steele use still photographs and video to tell the stories of proactive efforts to protect the environment in their community. Through an on-going documentary project the two media producers raise awareness for successful programs that are making a difference in the fight to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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